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Ask Becca Advice for Everyone (7)
Is two weeks after a breakup too soon to start dating again? How do you get your ex boyfriend back? How can you break the ice and begin a conversation with an attractive stranger? Becca has the answer to these and other questions.
Ask Becca Advice for Men (42)
Should you worry if your Internet interest suddenly makes her profile private? Are you ticked because your girlfriend doesn't like your underwear? Becca provides advice on these and other topics.
Ask Becca Advice for Women (38)
Do you know how to protect yourself from cyberstalkers? Do you need to tell a guy you 'just want to be friends'? Feeling discrimination on the job? Becca may have the answer to your dilemma.
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Do you need some tips for online dating sites? Is dating a fellow worker a good idea? Are you overtly shy? Want some information about marriage counseling? Read these articles for helpful advice.
General Advice for Men (19)
Do you know the hidden reasons why women reject men? How far is too far? Are flowers the answer to your latest argument? How can you tell when your woman is cheating? Read on for the answers.
General Advice for Women (24)
Are you a single Mom looking for dating tips? Need help setting up an online dating profile? Are you searching for some simple dos and don'ts for the dating scene? Read these articles!
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1. 10 Important Internet and E-Mail Dating Tips
Online relationships require a few rules to ensure your safety and long-term happiness. The following tips will help you with your quest to find someone who is right for you online - from the first email and telephone contacts to the first date.
2. Learn How To Release Negativity - and Restore your Spirit
Learn how to release negativity, step by step. You cannot undo the past. What you can change is how you feel about it. You need a plan. Discover the benefits of negativity release, the process of releasing negativity and restoring your spirit.
3. Learn How to Forgive - and Get On Happily With Your Life
Learn how to forgive, step by step. Forgiveness allows you to improve how you feel about your past and get on happily with your life. You cannot undo the past. What you can change is how you feel about it. Discover the benefits of forgiveness.
4. What is Marriage Counseling and Who can Benefit from it?
Not just for married or heterosexual couples, the key to successful marriage counseling is believing that divorce or separation is not an inevitable fact of life, but that conflict itself is unavoidable (often because partners care about each other).
5. Online Dating Safety Tips for Single Moms
If you have been out of the dating scene for a long time, it can be frightening. Meeting new people in a romantic setting is daunting. For the single mom, dating must be balanced with caring for the family. Here are a few tips to date safely.
6. How to Get Him to Open his Leather Wallet for You
As we grow older, relationships seem to become more complicated. If you do manage to snag a committed man among all the world's bachelors, you have to do all you can to play the relationship right and hold onto him - the way he holds onto his wal...
7. 3 Invaluable Dating Tips for Guys
Dating is a mix of finding the right person, common ground, and keeping enough excitement in the relationship to make it last. Having the right tools and a healthy self-esteem can help you succeed. This article explains how to avoid mediocre dates.
8. Dating and Close Relationships at Work - an Ideal Match?
Office politics and gossip around the water cooler are often not a good foundation for lasting friendships. The question about whether or not to date a co-worker, however, is one of those topics about which people often have very strong opinions.
9. Sex when Dating - Should You or Shouldn't You? If so, When?
General consensus and opinions aside, whether or not you have sex on a date - and which date - is only up to one person (well two if you want to include your partner's opinion on the matter), and that's you! How can you agree on this touchy t...
10. What is Romance? Does Anyone Really Know?
Every society has placed some significance on romance, even though the word has meant many different things. The concrete meaning of romance remains an unsolved puzzle, and is often pondered and studied by contemporary philosophers and doctors.

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